Imad Rustom – Orthodontist Senior Consultant

Dentist Imad Rustom is a prominent Senior Consultant Orthodontist in Qatar, specialized in Germany and holding master’s and doctoral degrees. He is accredited to practice orthodontics in Germany. He performs orthodontic cases at Expert Dental Center, which he founded in Qatar in 2018. Dr. Imad Rustom boasts 28 years of experience in treating patients and individuals with the latest orthodontic techniques and methods, including invisible orthodontic treatment like Invisalign, and other treatments to achieve the distinctive Hollywood smile.

Qualifications of Specialist Orthodontist Dr. Imad Rustom:

Here is a list of Dr. Imad main qualifications:

  • Bachelor of Dentistry from Damascus University, Syria in 1995.
  • Specialist degree in Fixed Prosthodontics from Syria in 1999.
  • Senior Consultant Orthodontist – Germany
  • Certified for invisible orthodontic treatment, Invisalign, since 2001
  • Certified for Lingual orthodontic treatments, Incognito, since 2006
  • Certified for Orthodontic Mini-Implant, since 2007.


  • Dentist License from the Qatari Council for Healthcare Practitioners under the Ministry of Health.

Dr. Imad Rustom is a prominent Senior Consultant Orthodontist in Qatar, Dentist


Dr. Imad Rustom fluently speaks several languages to provide the best patient experience:

  • Arabic
  • English
  • German


    Dr. Imad Rustom practiced dentistry in Germany for 5 years after completing his studies there. With over 28 years of experience, he is a specialist in orthodontics, cosmetic oral surgery, and the Hollywood smile. Throughout his professional journey, he practiced orthodontics in various countries, including Syria, Qatar, and Germany.

    Dr. Imad has extensive expertise in creating simultaneous health and cosmetic treatment plans that help patients achieve proper breathing, deep sleep, and an aesthetic appearance with a Hollywood smile. He utilizes cutting-edge 3D imaging and visualization techniques to plan and execute treatments.

    Reviews about Dr. Imad Rustom

    Dr. Imad Rustom is considered one of the best Orthodontist Consultants, according to patient evaluations in Qatar. Here are some comments from the center’s Google Maps page related to orthodontic patients.

    Key Treatments:


    Dr. Imad Rustom is one of the top Senior Consultant Orthodontists in Qatar, known for his qualification and patient satisfaction. In addition to using the latest techniques and invisible and transparent orthodontics, Dr. Imad addresses specialized cases such as snoring related to the jaws and teeth, and provides health and cosmetic treatments to achieve the Hollywood smile.

    TMJ Disorders

    Snoring Treatment / Sleep Apnea

    Dr. Imad addresses snoring related to the jaws and teeth, which helps eliminate breathing disorders during sleep.

    Hollywood Smile by dr. Imad Rustom

    Dr. Imad provides the necessary treatments to achieve the famous Hollywood smile. These treatments not only have health benefits but also enhance the overall appearance of the body, including teeth alignment, dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening, erosion repair, gum reshaping, and facial enhancements.

    Before and After Orthodontist Cases

    Photographs showcasing Orthodontist cases addressed by Dentist Imad Rustom at the Expert Dental Center. Dr. Imad Rustom is a Senior Consultant Orthodontist in Qatar.

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