Dr. Dipti Sajnani – Periodontist

Dr. Dipti Sajnani is a skilled periodontist at Expert Dental Center, located in Qatar. She is a specialized dental professional with expertise in various gum-related treatments. She holds a Master’s degree in Periodontics and has 18 years of experience in this field.

About Dr. Dipti Sajnani – Specialist Periodontist

Dr. Dipti Sajnani is a dedicated periodontist with extensive experience in delivering high-quality gum care. She is committed to providing exceptional medical solutions to her patients, ensuring oral health and well-being.


  • Bachelor of Dental Surgery from Mumbai, India, 2005.
  • Master’s in Dental Surgery in Periodontics from the University of Hong Kong, 2008.
  • Certificate in Soft Tissue Laser Applications from the Academy of Laser Dentistry.


Dentist License from the Qatari Council for Healthcare Practitioners under the Ministry of Health.

About Dr. Dipti Sajnani – Specialist Periodontist

Key Treatments:

Dr. Dipti Sajnani specializes in a comprehensive range of periodontal treatments, including:


With advanced training and expertise, Dr. Sajnani possesses skills in diagnosing and treating various gum conditions, ensuring gum health and the supporting structures of teeth.

Soft Tissue Laser Dentistry:

Dr. Sajnani is certified in using laser devices for soft tissue treatments with precision and minimally invasive techniques, ensuring patient comfort and faster recovery.


With 18 years of experience in non-surgical gum disease treatments using laser technology, Dr. Dipti Sajnani has treated cases of chronic gum inflammation, affecting both gums and the supporting bones of teeth, and other gum diseases.


Languages Spoken:

  • English
  • Hindi
  • Arabic basic

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Before and After Gum Treatment

Photographs showcasing gum cases addressed by Dr. Dipti Sajnani at the Expert Dental Center. Dr. Dipti Sajnani is a Periodontist, specializing in gum treatments.


Best Periodontist:

Dr. Dipti Sajnani is considered one of the best periodontists in Qatar, according to patient reviews.

Through dedication, excellence, and patient-focused care, Dr. Dipti Sajnani is a valuable member of the Expert Dental Center team. Her extensive experience and passion for dentistry make her a trusted choice for your periodontal needs.

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