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Pediatric Dentistry

Kids Dentistry

We offer a unique experience for you and your child in dealing with a dentist, in a gentle and professional environment, led by an expert specialized in treating pediatric dental cases and a skilled doctor in the art of interacting with children easily and smoothly. This includes children of various ages and varying levels of awareness, as well as children with special needs.

Regular Check-ups for Children’s Teeth during the Back-to-School Season

With the start of the back-to-school season, the role of regular check-ups for children’s teeth becomes an essential part of the health preparations for the new academic year. Regular check-ups play a crucial role in maintaining the oral health of children and ensuring that they begin the school year with a healthy and bright smile. Here are some important points to consider during this season:

  • Early Problem Detection: Regular check-ups help detect any problems or abnormal developments in dental health early on. This may include cavities, dental developmental issues, gum problems, and other issues that may require immediate treatment or intervention.
  • Oral Health Assessment and Prevention: Regular check-ups contribute to assessing the overall oral and gum health. The dentist can provide advice on proper daily oral care and proper nutrition that helps prevent future dental problems.
  • Educating Children: Regular check-ups provide an opportunity to educate children about the importance of taking care of their dental health. The dentist can guide children on how to brush their teeth properly, use dental floss, and provide tips on avoiding harmful habits like nail biting or thumb sucking.
  • Minimizing Impact on Studies: It’s a good idea for children to undergo regular check-ups before the start of the school year to avoid any health issues that might affect their concentration and performance in school. Good oral health helps prevent any discomfort or pain that could affect their educational experience.
  • Counseling and Guidance: The dentist can offer counseling and guidance to parents regarding the best healthy habits for children’s dental care. They can also discuss any concerns or questions parents may have about their children’s dental health.

Why is Pediatric Dentistry Important?

Pediatric dentistry plays a vital role in maintaining dental and gum health during the formative years. This includes:

  • Expertly treating dental conditions in children.
  • Introducing children to proper dental hygiene practices.
  • Establishing a lifelong healthy daily routine.

Categories within the Scope of Pediatric Dentistry

  • Infants
  • Children
  • Teenagers
  • Children with special needs

Our Services in Pediatric Dentistry


Our extensive experience in treating children’s dental cases is carried out by a skilled and expert dentist who is up-to-date with the latest techniques and treatment methods suitable for the child’s age and understanding.

Child-Friendly Environment: 

Our clinic is designed to be child-friendly, with colorful and appealing decor that helps children relax during their visits.

Preventive Care: We emphasize preventive dental care to avoid potential problems and promote early detection of any concerns. This includes regular check-ups, teeth cleaning, fluoride treatments, and fillings that protect your child’s teeth from cavities.


We believe that education is the foundation for maintaining good oral health. Our pediatric dentists take the time to educate both children and parents about proper dental cleaning techniques, healthy oral hygiene habits, and their importance.

Special Needs Treatment: 

Our experienced team specializes in handling children with special needs, ensuring that each child receives the care they deserve in a compassionate and understanding manner.

Emergency Care: 

Accidents can happen. Our pediatric dentists are here to provide immediate care for emergency cases your child may face, such as tooth falls or fractures.

Gentle Approach: 

We understand that children may feel anxious about dental visits. Our gentle and patient approach helps alleviate their fears, promoting a positive attitude towards dental care.

Find the Right Pediatric Dentist

Dr. Imad Rustom

Senior Consultant Orthodontist

Qualified from Germany


  • Orthodontic care for all ages
  • Smile enhancement by orthodontics
  • Non-surgical orthodontic treatment
  • Temporomandibular joint disorders
  • Snoring & sleep disorder solutions
  • Non extraction orthodontic treatment

Languages: Ar, En & Du

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Dr. Dalia Elsheikh

General Practitioner Dentist

Qualified from Canada


  • Pediatric Dentistry 
  • Endodontics 
  • Crown and Bridge 
  • Regular dental check-ups
  • Cosmetic fillings
  • Teeth whitening by Zoom

Languages: Ar, En & Fr.

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Dr. Aseel Khalaf

General Practitioner Dentist


  • Regular dental check-ups
  • Pediatric Dentistry 
  • Crown and Bridge
  • Cosmetic fillings
  • Zoom Teeth whitening
  • Replace metal fillings

Languages: Ar & En

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